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    RSU’s MBA Ranked in Top 15 Nationally for Affordable Online MBA Programs
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加紧步伐,以满足当今不断变化的市场需求. Earn Your Master’s 工商管理 Online in Just 18 Months.

无论你是想创业还是自己创业, 跨行业的市场需要更多的灵活性, 解决问题和领导能力比以往任何时候都强. With five specializations and coursework focusing on leadership, 批判性思维, 全球营销等等, RSU’s online 工商管理硕士 program positions you to meet this demand and help organizations grow.

Our master’s in business administration online program is an affordable, accelerated program that you can join with any bachelor’s degree. 开学日期贯穿全年,为期8周, 全在线课程, our program allows you to enroll in and complete your MBA degree on the timeline that works for you.

Take advantage of one of the best MBA programs online for affordability, 工作和生活的平衡和时间的程度. 在RSU, you’ll experience the difference our student-first approach makes for MBA online students.


The online 工商管理硕士 coursework includes foundations in accounting, 批判性思维和道德, 商业策略, 财务管理, 管理经济学. From there, you’ll choose an emphasis based on your interests and strengths.


Prepare for senior-level positions in accounting and finance in courses like 会计 and Financial Analytics, 财务报表分析与国际会计.



Jump into the rapidly expanding field of data analysis and learn how to help businesses make strategic decisions. Courses in this emphasis include 会计 and Financial Analytics, 数据与信息管理, 以及企业人工智能.



Learn how to help health care organizations succeed in courses like Strategic Management in 健康 Care, 医疗保健财务, 以及卫生保健方面的法律和道德问题.



Gain crucial leadership and entrepreneurship skills for various industries in courses such as Business Law, 创业和新企业发起, 战略人力资源管理.



Follow your passion for sports by working in the industry — this emphasis prepares students for careers in sports marketing, 治理, 以及体育招募. Courses available include Sports 市场营销, Sports Finance, and Communication in Sport.




The MBA degree has long been extremely popular for its return on investment for graduates and employers. 现在, RSU offers the same high-quality MBA degree in an entirely online format with five industry-relevant specializations. 不管你选择强调什么, you can expect to gain knowledge and skills that set you apart in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

完全在线. 10880美元的学费. 没有考试. 18个月完成.

Here’s what else you’ll experience as part of RSU’s online 工商管理硕士 program:

  • 加速,100%在线格式. 在短短18个月内完全在线获得MBA学位. Our business administration online courses can be completed in only 8 weeks, 全年有五个开课日期.
  • 五个抢手的重点. Specialize in up-and-coming or always in-demand skills like accounting, 业务分析, 管理, 体育运动管理, 或者医疗保健管理.
  • 支持任何学士学位的学生. You can apply to our program even if you hold a bachelor’s degree in an area other than business. We offer foundational business administration online courses to help provide the working knowledge you need for graduate work.


When you choose RSU’s MBA degree—one of the best MBA programs online—you’ll experience all the benefits of attending a large university with the personal attention of a smaller college. 以下是RSU与其他学校的不同之处:

  • 专为专业人士设计. 我们灵活, online format allows you to balance your coursework with other responsibilities — and get your degree faster.
  • 负担得起的高质量MBA学位. Our program has all the qualities of the best MBA programs online without the high price tag.
  • 小班授课. RSU faculty deliver the same personalized attention to online students as they do in the classroom. Our small student-to-faculty ratio ensures you’ll have access to all the support you need to achieve your academic goals.
  • 投资于你的成功. From helping you avoid heavy student debt to approachable faculty who can help you make industry connections, RSU is committed to your success as an MBA online program student.


“Education plays a significant role in my life, and this is my third degree from RSU. 我获得了工商管理副学士学位, a Bachelor of Science 工商管理 with a Management focus, 现在是工商管理硕士. My husband Jesse encouraged me to achieve my goals and I’m proud to be a role model for my children. My passion for education and helping others guided my path to become the Director at the RSU 普赖尔 campus. It is very rewarding to guide students on their journey to achieve their goals.——菲丝·盖茨,20届MBA


RSU的MBA毕业生已经建立了自己的企业, 担任过物流方面的职务, 体育管理, 和能源, 甚至在路易斯安那州立大学工作! 不管你的行业或目标是什么, the online 工商管理硕士 at RSU gives you a leg up on the market. 阅读更多校友故事.


在RSU, we’re committed to ensuring you can pursue an MBA degree regardless of your financial situation. We strive to keep our program affordable and work with employers who offer coverage of the program. 查看RSU学费和杂费 or mg冰球突破豪华版官网 for scholarship opportunities or information on other types of aid.

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有了MBA学位,你能做的事情是没有限制的. 请求的信息, 申请RSU, or visit campus today to start your journey toward professional growth.

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“I chose the MBA program at Mg冰球突破豪华版网址 because I am interested in moving into 管理. The program is specifically designed for working adults and has convenient class schedules. 自从进入佛罗里达州立大学以来,我看到了这个项目的很多好处. We work together on projects and case studies with real-world significance. The professors understand our professional goals and help us get the most out of our MBA. 我很高兴我选择在路易斯安那州立大学攻读MBA.”