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Do you have an interest in science? Get your start with an associate degree in biology.

RSU’s Associate in Science 生物科学 program offers a versatile credential that can lead you to many career paths within the field such as:

  • 医疗助理
  • Pharmaceutical and medical sales
  • Agricultural and food science technician
  • 生物技术人员
  • Forest and conservation technician
  • 研究助理
  • 植物科学技术员

A.S. 生物科学 学位要求

The coursework consists of general education curriculum as well as supporting science courses.


Associate in Science 生物科学 Features

The associate degree in biology provides an ideal stepping stone to further study in areas like nursing, 健康科学, 公共卫生. Furthermore, you will be prepared to enter RSU’s Bachelor of Science 在生物学中 program.

塔拉·鲍克,B.S. Biology: Medical/Molecular

“I graduated debt-free with a combination of financial aid, scholarships, and hard work. 在生物学课程中, I worked with an RSU faculty member on ground-breaking original research on the effects of Vitamin C on certain kinds of cancer. My time at RSU prepared me for graduate school. I was accepted into OU’s College of Dentistry, a four-year program that leads to a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.”